Traditional Construction Services

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Of course, we also cover all traditional planning services.

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As a property developer, we play a central role in project management and must always keep the big picture in mind. Our goal is to organize complex processes in a way that ensures they run smoothly and optimally connect all parties involved.

We typically provide the following services in the construction of buildings:

- Planning and conceptualization of the construction project
- Procurement and coordination of building materials and services
- Execution of construction work
- Monitoring of construction quality and progress
- Handling of regulatory approvals and registrations
- Sale or rental of the constructed buildings or apartments

Of course, we consider each construction project individually, and the scope of services is tailored to the specific requirements. Depending on the construction project and agreement with the client, the range of services provided by a property developer can vary.

Specialization in Healthcare

We have specialized in the healthcare sector, among other areas.

We possess extensive experience and expertise in turnkey construction of healthcare facilities such as medical office buildings, hospital wards, and private health insurance inpatient wards. This specialization provides us with a deep understanding of the specific requirements and needs of the healthcare sector, enabling us to develop innovative solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This expertise allows us to plan and implement high-quality buildings tailored to the individual needs of patients and staff.

Our areas of specialization include:

- Medical Office Buildings
- Private Health Insurance Inpatient Wards
- Hospital Wards
- Financing of these construction projects

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